Engine and Tools:
Unreal Engine 4
Visual Studio C++

Team Size:

Download Flot Here!

Flot is a team based fighting game where up to four [4] players are pitted against each other in classic team based combat. Push player off using bows and hurl large explosive barrels as you race to cause enough damage to sink the opposing raft.


As the object of the game was to destroy the enemy teams raft, the length of the river became an issue, how do you ensure there is a river to move along should the game take longer than you may possibly expect it to?

Simple, you make the river infinite.

While rafts and cameras remained stationary within the world space, “tiles” of river spawned in front, moving slowly towards the players before being removed once they’d made it past the cameras viewport.

All tiles contained two [2] specific components, their set dressing which comprised of multiple different mesh objects all baked into one mesh. But more importantly, a set of splines existed in every river tile.

The splines allowed the rafts to be moved horizontally to accommodate for any set dressing and to make interesting river sections. Once a raft exited its current river tile and onto a new one, it would automatically move to the new tiles relative spline position. Thus producing a naturally flowing infinite river.

Rafts could also be moved one “step” left or right along the river by players using paddles to allow for more interesting gameplay and strategic opportunities. Which were further emphasized and necessitated by having destructible terrain along the river which would damage the raft if hit.