Systems Designer, Programmer,
Narrative Designer

Engine and Tools:
Unreal Engine 4
Visual Studio C++

Team Size:

Kato was nominated for best diversity effort at the 2018 SGAs
Swedish Game Awards)

Download the prototype on Itch.Io!

Check out the Kato webpage!

“A 3D adventure game in which players take control of the dog Kato.

After a large tragedy that leaves the village in a state of despair, Kato is tasked with helping the villagers by solving their problems in an attempt to bring some joy back to the town.

As you explore you will help people get together, repair the broken windmill, and save the homeless mayor of the town.

Explore, find secrets, pester the mailman, and spread happiness!”

Kato is a 3D adventure game in which the player took control of the titular dog Kato to complete challenges and quests given by the residence of the town.

Personal contributions included: designing and implementing custom made quests, dialogue, and cutscene systems. Which could maintain progression through the game and individual quests, showing progressive texts, randomized “bark” prompts, or specific conditional texts.

Partaking in world design and writing of narrative hooks, structures, and dialogues.
As well as directly designing and producing locations such as the stables, and sheep farm areas within the game world.

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