Lead Technician

Engine and Tools:
Unity Engine
Carpentry Tools
Wood & Cloth
HTC Vive dev. kit

Team Size:


The second first-year project at Uppsala University Campus Gotland – GAME, required students making a game with “alternative controls”, meaning no Keyboards, computer mice, or standard console controller inputs may be used.

Concept of the game field.

The resulting project became a Pong-style tug of war between two players, played along the walls and ceiling of a large tunnel structure in which the field was projected.

Producing such a product required a lot of working around physically manifesting different digital features such as the actual projection of the screen, as well as tracing and translating physical three-dimensional [3D] movement to a two-dimensional [2D] plane being itself projected in three dimensions when you take into consideration the curvature of the tunnel structure itself.

Concept of game controls.

Movement input was retrieved using the VIVE controllers to move paddles across the “screen” primarily side-to-side, though a small amount of depth movement was also given to the players as it made the experience feel more natural to use.
With the goal of the game being each player attempted to score against the other protecting their own side and using randomly appearing power-up to
their advantage.

Once the high concept was established it was time to produce.

The first test to project a game field onto a curved surface.

Assuming the role of technical lead the above-mentioned physical tasks were given to me while the remaining team worked on the production of the digital aspects of the product. Though of course a lot of cross-discussion were had to ensure all aspects of the physical structure worked with the digital product.

Tunnel Statistics

Tunnel setup for the first external showcase.

Material Components:
45×45 Beams,
45×70 Beams,
Masonite Boards,
Drapes, Sheets, and other cloths
Total Size:
2.1m x 2.5m x ~7m

(Unfortunately, the structure itself has since been destroyed).

Additional Media

Short live action trailer made by, and containing team members during testing and construction of the tunnel during BETA presentations (note: Due to size restrictions the beta tests had to be conducted out doors as there was no room large enough for the test at the time).

Testing projections onto tunnel structure.

The finished product being showcased at GGC

(Gotland Game Conference) 2017.