Burn Cube Burn


Unity Engine
Visual Studio C#
Unity Collaborations

Team Size:

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Made during my first year of studying game development, the project had a bumpy development and the group ended up without any artists. Still, the end result became a fairly entertaining rhythmic space shooter where you teleport, shoot, and survive to get the highest score.

Personal contributions include:
Producing a basic enemy AI logic that would move, telegraph attacks, and then execute those telegraphed attacks all in sync with the beat of the background music.

Add, load, and save new high scores to and from an external high score file displaying relevant information on an in game scoreboard.

UI and menus as well as the internal code and functionalities of those menus including settings menus.

As part of the project all members were tasked with writing reports of their weekly work, providing insight, discussion of topics, as well as imagery or other media that could be useful for further highlighting.

All of the reports/posts written for my part of the project can be found in the Archives, “Dev log – Burn Cube Burn” section.

Or by clicking this link.

Please note that these logs are a product of their time and do not reflect my current quality levels in regards to things such as knowledge, communication abilities, etc. They are simply provided as is and as a possible insight into my personal beginnings, development, and experience.