Featured Projects

A short summary of each featured project that I have previously worked on follow the links for more detailed descriptions.


Role: Programmer
Engine/Language: Unity / C#

A rhythmic space shooter focused on shooting, evading, and teleporting. Players are tasked with attempting to increase their high score as much as possible.


Role: Lead Technician
Engine/Language: Unity / C#

A Pong-style tug of war between two players played along the walls and ceiling of a large tunnel structure using the VIVE controllers to move paddles


Role: Systems Designer & Programmer
Engine/Language: Unreal Engine 4 / C++

Kato is a 3D adventure game in which the player took control of the titular dog Kato to complete challenges and quests given by the residence of the town.


Role: Programmer
Engine/Language: Unreal Engine 4 / C++

Flot is a team based fighting game where up to four [4] players may battle each other using bows, arrows, and timed explosive barrels to see which team can sink the other teams raft fastest.

Balaam Manor

Role: Programmer
Engine/Language: Unreal Engine 4 / Blueprints

Balaam Manor is a single player puzzle thriller, set in the titular house of Balaam Manor you are tasked with completing puzzles, uncovering the mysterious story of the manor and those that may still roam its long lost halls.

Minecraft Style Chunkloader

Role: Designer & Programmer
Engine/Language: Unity / C#

Produced a very basic Minecraft style chunk loader using the unity engine as part of a hobby/experimental project.