Additional Projects

A page dedicated to cataloging projects which were not placed on or has been moved from the features page but that I am still proud of and can show growth of skillsets.

Behind Enemy Lines


Behind enemy lines is a short single-player board game.

Your plane has been shot down over Soviet-controlled territory. The information in your possession is a vital component to counter the Russian strategy in the cold war. You need to get the intel to your superiors as soon as possible. The Soviet army is hunting you relentlessly, so you need to be fast and avoid detection.

File Reader


A small scale file reader produced as part of an API in games course, allowing the creation of custom .ini type files to be used with a C++ project.

Files could be customized using multiple sections to easily categorize data and would be reflected within the engine upon usage within a project.

Feudal Foremen


Feudal Foremen is a competitive board game produced during a systems design course.

Players strategically fight over a piece of land by collecting resources and erecting towers, using local mercenaries and bandits to hold off and disrupt each others progress.



A short single player experience made to reproduce the feeling of retro arcade titles.

Help Percival the platypus as he attempts to move from his now polluted pond to a fresh, new, and cleaner home.



“Follow the journey of a young child reliving the tales of their grandfather’s old bedtime stories.”

Dayspring is a third person stealth platforming game taking place at a small 18:th century Scandinavian farm and within its surrounding forests.