Hello, name’s Leon.

I do programming, design, and dungeon master some tabletop roleplaying games. I like stories, storytelling, and making fun systems and stuff for people to play around with. When I design I tend to prefer UX, writing, and storytelling, while as a programmer I do a lot of systems and tools with a particular interest in procedural generation and randomization.

When I’m not making them, I tend to play a variety of titles preferably with others, though I like to focus on the co-operative social aspect of gameplay with friends rather than the competitive when playing with others. When playing on my own I prefer management, adventure, and creative sandbox titles.

Educational Experience

Uppsala University Campus Gotland (2016 – 2019)

Bachelors in Game Design with minor in programming.

Futuregames Stockholm (2019 – 2021)

Vocational Degree in programming at Futuregames Stockholm.

Work Experience

Educator in programming with Unreal at Museum of Technology in Stockholm
(2020 – 2020)

Teaching video game programming course at Stockholm Museum of Technology.